Patient Treatments
The treatment page includes many options and allows managing extensive information.

It is important to understand the structure of this page and the various possibilities available in it.

The treatment page is divided into two main sections – he top section (marked as A) and the bottom section (marked as B). It is up to the practitioner to choose how to sort his notes and treatment information. However, using the division between each specific treatment session and the general patient notes and the complete treatment information is important for the correct use and application of the medical information.

The effect chart represents a graphical view of the patient progress. Evaluating the effect of each treatment upon the patient is important and can be inserted to the chart when needed. Viewing the chart gives a quick intuitive feel of the general progress the patient is making.

You can select an effect from the combo box, and add in rich-text comments if needed.
Managing Treatments
It is essential that you understand the function of these two sections and the difference between them:

Section A: In this section you can add in information specific to the current selected treatment (from the Available patient treatment list). You can add information such as the treatment subject, the treatment effect, upload a text file or write any add-on or procedure that were used in the specific session.

Section B: In this section you can add in information related to the patient or to the whole series of treatments, which you would like to appear regardless of the selected treatment session. Usually this part consists of the SOAP notes which let you specify the patient’s chief complaint, general tests and examinations, or diagnosis and treatment plan. This section will hold that information which is always visible for a specific patient.

Treatment notes and info: This is the editor for adding in any information that you wish to attach to the current selected treatment session (from the Available patient treatment list). Note: If no treatment is selected on the Available patient treatment list, any information you add in will not be saved. You can add comments related to the treatment, and any add-ons the patient is given – herbs, formulas, medical drugs - or acupoints used for the session, etc. The editor can accept any text or copied text (use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste). It is possible to use different fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.

The knowledgebase button enables you to open a window with access to the medical information, either for browsing or for copying into the page.